My name is Mark Dickson and I’ve been maintaining thegreengorcrow.com for over a year now. I started off doing daily reviews but reigned myself in at about the same time my final dissertation was due; I now submit a brand new comic review every weekday. This site was previously called thelastaskani.com but updated in September 2015.

I’ve been reading comics for about 4 years now and started with the big two publishers initially (like everyone does) but have trended towards independent comics and the publishers with a smaller focus. The X-Men are my bread and butter and although I don’t follow much at the moment, they’re still endlessly important to me and I’ll follow at least one book until I die.

Social Media Links:

Independent Creators:

If you’re an independent creator looking for a bit of publicity then email any information to requests@thegreengorcrow.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Submit your Own Reviews:

We’re looking to expand and are always looking for new contributors to create give a wider perspective on the medium. If you’re a reviewer and you’ve got some history reviewing comics, or even if you just have an interest in writing about comics, drop me an email at mark@thegreengorcrow.com with an example of your work.


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